Four Great Questions of Life – Following a formidable experience with burnout, the only way out was a journey inward. Thankfully Dallas Willard presented himself as a guide, offering four great questions of life. Those questions served as a journey of personal discovery, to the other side of burnout.
Seamlessly blending spoken memoir, moments of motivational speaking, and inspired dancing, Andrew's time on a stage is unique and mesmerizing.
Randi Hewit
Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes, Inc.

Dancing Around Defined Labels – the words we use to define who we are have power to limit or expand the possibilities in our lives.
Tap That Dulcimer – Creativity, collaboration, and the unexpected fruits that come from both.
A Tap Dancer's Craft – Craft comes down through the generations, interacts with personality and current context to produce a unique expression. This is Tap Dance.
Living In Love – Expressing life through the lens of love can redefine experience and vision.
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